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Embracing Social Media: My Freelance Journey

As a freelance illustrator with over a decade of experience, I've seen how promoting your work has evolved over time. These days, social media is the go-to platform for creatives, artists, and illustrators to showcase their talent. Recently, I attended Ilustropía, an illustration festival in Bogotá, Colombia, where I listened to Ana Palma, the Creative Director of Cataplum, talk about the importance of social media for illustrators. It really hit home for me.

But here's the thing – I'm not the best at social media. I forget to take pictures, and when I do, they're not always the best quality. Plus, I struggle with consistency. I'll post for a week or two, then forget about it for a while. However, I'm determined to change that. This is my third week in my social media comeback, and I'm making an effort to snap better photos and craft thoughtful captions. I'm also utilizing technology to make things easier.

This is also my third blog post, and I'm feeling excited about this freelance journey. I hope you'll join me for the ride! #embracingchange #socialmediastrategy #illustratorlife #freelancejourney


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