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I am Ana Solarte, an illustrator, visual artist, and interpreter of stories and concepts. I'm also a mother to Martina and a daily creator of adventures and games for her. I offer my expertise as the perfect partner for your illustration projects, committing to stand by your side at every step to bring your ideas to life.


Working with me is an easy and enjoyable process. We'll begin by discussing the project and your expectations. We'll then share ideas until we find the ideal way to execute it. You can expect fresh ideas that go beyond the obvious concept, along with technical skill and the use of color that will make your project eye-catching and unique.


With over a decade of experience in the world of illustration, my background encompasses a wide range of roles. In addition to working as an independent illustrator, I've been an art teacher, workshop designer, doll maker, and art director. I've been involved in projects related to editorial design, product design, and service design. My clientele stretches from my hometown, Bogotá, to Singapore, collaborating with publishers, companies of all sizes, and independent authors.


I'm excited about the opportunity to get to know you and work together on your projects.

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