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Bésame editorial illustrations

Working on the illustrated romantic songs project for a major Colombian radio station was a true delight for me. I relished the opportunity to bring these beloved songs to life through vivid, evocative illustrations that captured the spirit of each melody.

From the outset, I knew that my illustrations had to be dramatic and mellow, just like the songs themselves. To achieve this, I designed two captivating characters whose relationship unfolded across a series of scenes, each one capturing a different moment in their love story.

The color palette and details were carefully chosen to reflect the rich tapestry of Colombian folklore, adding an extra layer of authenticity to the illustrations. I was committed to bringing the songs to life in a way that was both engaging and faithful to their original spirit.

Throughout the design process, I worked tirelessly to ensure that every element of the illustrations, from the characters' expressions and body language to the intricate details of the backgrounds, contributed to the emotional impact of the project.

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