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Branding ARAUCA

Working on the brand design for ARAUCA, a Colombian chocolate brand sold exclusively in Mexico, was an absolute blast. Our goal was to create a brand that was both modern and unmistakably Mexican, without relying on the same old pre-Columbian imagery that many similar brands use.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic Mexico 68' Olympics logo, I crafted a brand design that is fresh, vibrant, and full of life. The color palette is bold and eye-catching, while the graphic patterns are both playful and sophisticated.

To ensure that the brand design is versatile and adaptable, I created multiple graphic patterns that can be used across a range of different applications, from packaging and communications to social media and beyond.


The result is a brand that is visually stunning and highly effective in communicating the unique identity and flavor of ARAUCA's delicious chocolate products.

Overall, this was a gratifying project, and I'm thrilled to have had the opportunity to help bring the ARAUCA brand to life. With its vibrant colors, bold patterns, and unmistakably Mexican flair, I'm confident that this brand design will continue to delight and captivate chocolate lovers across Mexico and beyond.

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